Ways to support us

Volunteer programme

Our three-week hands-on volunteer programme is open to anyone who would like to actively contribute to our mission while soaking in the captivating atmosphere of African wilderness and wildlife.

During your three weeks with us, you can expect to work closely with local schoolchildren as a participant in our community-oriented conservation education programme. The programme agenda does not shy away from team clean-up and litter-picking crusades around bodies of water, and both inside and outside national parks. The monitoring part of the programme uses camera traps installed both in close proximity of waterholes, and in the forest’s herb, shrub and canopy layer. Such a unique opportunity to observe wildlife from close up in its natural habitat will undoubtedly satiate many a curious mind. Captured photos and videos will be used for local educational purposes and worldwide promotion of our cause.

For more detailed information about our volunteer programme, planned dates and pricing, please refer to the Volunteer programme page.

Financial donations

One-off and regular monthly financial donations to our bank account are another way of supporting our mission. 

A portion of these donations will be used towards acquiring a plot of land bordering with national park or wildlife reserve. Our long term goal is to gradually acquire more land allowing nature(forest)to expand to where it once had been before the land was developed for pastures and plantations. This newly created buffer zone will be managed as a nature reserve directly by us and will serve as a gateway to the national park. A permanent volunteer basecamp will be established on this site to help us monitor wildlife and human activity in the area via camera traps and regular patrols. 

Another portion of the donations received will be used to purchase an off-road vehicle to facilitate transportation of volunteers, and to procure more camera traps.

Bank details where you can send your donations will be published soon.